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hep Publications Conference Communications
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Conference Communications

  • D. Karakatsani & Y. Papadiamantaki (2011) «Active Learning for Active Citizenship in Higher Education». Acts of international congress «Citizenship, Identity and Culture: Inclusive Society under Crisis» May 6-8, 2011, 3rd South European and Mediterranean Conference: Department of Primary Education University of Patras.
  • STAMELOS G., 2010, Educational Sciences: the French case, in Acts of 1rst Congress of Educational Sciences, Athens, 28-31/5/2009, vol.A’, ed. Smyrniotakis, pp.89-99,. (in Greek)
  • KAVASAKALIS A. – STAMELOS G., 2010, Quality Assurance and Greek Higher Education: Two decades efforts for the establishment and implementation of a quality assurance system in XIV Word Congress of Comparative Education Societies, Istanbul 2010, 14-18 June 2010 (CR-ROM).
  • Papadiamantaki, Y. and Fragoulis G. (2009) "Postgraduate Programmes of Study and Teacher Training: Possibilities and Limitations for the Transition in the Knowledge Society". Under publication in the proceedings of the conference «Transition and Continuity in Education: Searching for a framework for the cooperation of children, youth, family, educational institutions adn Social Services», University of Crete. (in Greek).
  • Stamelos G. – Kavasakalis A., 2008, “The public debate on a quality assurance system for Greek universities on the turmoil in Greek higher education due to implementation of European policies”, in XXIII Conference of Comparative Education Society in Europe, Athens 7-10 July 2008, Book of Abstracts (p.37)
  • Adamopoulou A., Kamarianos I., 2007, Educating Citizens: the future teachers towards the institutions. The case of students of the Education Department of the University of Patras, in Proceedings of the Southeast European and Mediterranean Conference on Citizenship Education with subject: Citizenship Education, 13-14 April 2007, Patra (in Greek)
  • Kamarianos I., Spinthurakis J.A., 2007, Teaching citizenship in the Greek Higher Educational level: talking about political socialization, Proceedings of the ninth Conference of the Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe thematic Group, Montpellier 2007, pp. 181-192. Institute of Education, University of London
  • Stamelos G. – Papadiamantaki Y. – Kavasakalis A., 2007, Negotiating quality: The crisis of the Greek public university, in WCCES XIII World Congress: Education and Intercultural Dialogue, Sarajevo 3-7/9/2007 (CD-ROM)
  • Karatzia E. – Stamelos G. – Lambropoulos H., 2006, Higher Education Quality and University Evaluation: European political Discourse and localized Practice: The Case of Greece, in XXII CESE Conference “Changing Knowledge and education: communities, information societies and mobilities”, 3-6 Granada 2006 (CD-ROM)
  • Papadiamantaki Y. – Stamelos G. – Bartzakli M., 2006, Quality assurance : changing policy agendas, power relations and the implementation of european policies at national level : the case of Greece, in Actes du colloque «Éducation/ formation la recherche de qualité », Hô Chi Minh Ville, Viêt-nam, 18-20 Avril 2006 (CD-ROM)
  • Stamelos G. – Papadiamantaki Y. – Vassilopoulos A. – Bartzakli M., 2004, European Higher Education Area (EHAE): The Greek case, in Actes du XII World Congress on Comparative Education, La Havane, Cuba, 25-29/10/2004 (abstract)
  • Stamelos G., 2003, Certificate of pedagogy and educational proficiency (PPDE): suggestions for its formation, in Proceedings of the Conference “Linking Higher and Secondary Education”, Thessaloniki, 03/30-04/01/2001, pp.164-168 (in Greek).
  • Stamelos Y., 2001, La Déclaration de Bologne et ses conséquences sur le système de l’Education Tertiaire: l’exemple grec, in Actes du Colloque international organisé à Bruxelles du 9 au 12 Mai 2001, pp.45-55
  • Lamnias K. Kamarianos I., 2000, Society, Technology and Education: a critical approach on the involvement of new technologies  in education of the future Education for Social Democracies, London University
  • Stamelos G., 1999, Proposed organization chart of the interdepartmental academic institution for granting the Certificate of Pedagogy and Educational Proficiency, in MYLONAS TH. (ed.), Certificate of Pedagogy and Educational Proficiency, in Proceedings of the Conference of the Department of Primary Education of the University of Patras, pp.24-28 (in Greek).
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