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older researches

Ø Higher education admissions and student mobility within the EU (ADMIT), coordinator London School of Education, European Union /TSER ((SOE-CT98-2040), (1998-2000)

Ø Tuning Educational Structures in Europe (Tuning I, II, III, IV), coordinators Universities of Groningen and Deusto (2000-2008), European Union

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Ø Academic attractiveness of the academic workplace in Europe, coordinators Enders J and Egbert de Weert of Dutch Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS), European Union /Socrates, (2003)

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Ø Higher Education Institutions' Responses to Europeanization, Internationalisation and  Globalisation (HEIGLO), Coordinator Prof. Dr. M.C. van der Wende CHEPS, University of Twente, The Netherlands, European Union SSH (HPSE-CT-2002-00113), (2001-2003)

Ø Assessment of Higher Education, coordinator Kladis D., Centre for Educational Research, EPEAEK II, (2003-2004) (in Greek)

Ø Discovering the profile of the Greek University in terms of the creation of the European area of Higher Education: inter-Greek and international comparisons (Greece / France), coordinator Stamelos G., University of Patras, Karatheodory Program (2003-2006) (in Greek)

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Ø University and Local Community: Regional role and communicative dimensions of the university education, coordinator Koulaidis B., University of Peloponnese, Program “Pythagoras” / EPEAEK II (2004-2006) (in Greek)

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