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Information Days “University: Citizenship and Globalization”

Citizenship is a central concept of the theory of democracy with changing content, despite its two constant properties given by theory, i.e. freedom and equality of citizens. From the ancient city to this day, it corresponds to different obligations and rights of citizens and different forms of relationships with the state and the political community: for the ancient city to be a citizen was to “take part in decision making and authority”, while for the modern citizen is to enjoy freedoms and rights guaranteed by the fact of belonging to a national political community. However, globalization has significantly altered the content of modern citizenship, by providing new features and new duties or by redistributing and redefining the social rights acquired post-war. Developments in international and global level, such as environmental problems, poverty, immigration and global economy have changed the terms and conditions of citizenship: the weakening nation-state, the removal of economic borders, the environmental problems and the humanitarian problem in underdeveloped countries have changed radically the ethnocentric perception of citizenship and gave a more international and cosmopolitan content, while rendered social citizenship more vulnerable to the effects of globalization by altering at the same time its moral content, mainly in the issue of human rights.

Citizenship in the context of globalization is a topical issue of democracy and is a subject for investigation, production and release of knowledge in society. The interdisciplinary interuniversity Network for Higher Education Policies aims to promote and spread the scientific discourse on citizenship and globalization in society through information days (four scheduled) with related themes which take place twice a year. The invited speakers will be leading figures from public and intellectual life of the country and academics.

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